Wolf Lake Old-Growth Forest Threatened

Andrew Healy, President TLA

The combination of the old-growth forests and mining rights that surround Wolf Lake have been a hot topic of debate over the last ten years, but never so much as in the last week. Following an article – Ontario breaks Temagami pledge  – on the front page of the Toronto Star, concerned citizens and environmental groups are speaking out against the removal of protected area status for what is believed to be the largest remaining stand of old-growth red pine forest.

For those of you lucky enough to travel to this area, which is just a short 5 or 6 day paddle from Lake Temagami, you will understand what the fight is about. As a guide for Camp Wabun, I have set off from Lake Temagami for Wolf Lake on a few occasions, each time the white granite ridges, aqua blue waters and towering pines form one of the lasting memories for my campers, just as it did with me at their age.

Many TLA members, including Temagami Youth Camps and Friends of Temagami have been actively speaking out to protect Wolf Lake. The TLA supports our members in this campaign, and will be monitoring the story closely as important decisions are made by the province early next week.

Stay tuned!