Update Regarding Property Crimes

The following report has been submitted by Dan O’Mara

Here is additional detail on the last set of Crimes on the Lake.  There have been 4 in total. Two beak-ins as reported one in the South Arm not too far from the light standard and the other in the Ogama area.  The other 2 crimes were at the Mine Landing one a theft and the other a mischief offense.  The time period for these crimes was between September 11-Oct 11 with three of them occurring around the long-weekend. The OPP have noted  “we have some good leads and crime unit is working on it. Airplane will be up at the end of this month.

We are hoping these are isolated events but regardless those still on the Lake should keep their eyes open because this time of year the Lake gets more isolated.  I will  be doing the TLA property checks again this year and will be starting SOON. When out there I do try and note any other issues that I may find.  The Lake Watch Program has purchased some smaller window decals and are handing them out for free to those who would like to display them and in conjunction with the Police Board we will be purchasing a new billboard sign for the Access Road.  Keep Safe…DAN