Committees, Chairs, and Members (2018-2019)

Archives: Peter Whyte (Chair), Biff Lowery, Kelly Romans-Bancroft

Business / Finance: Andrew Zyp (Chair), Brit Hyde, Margaret Langfitt, Peter Whyte

By-Laws / Nominations / Elections: Amelia Brooker (Chair), Michael Brooker

Communications / Membership / Member Events: Amelia Brooker (Chair), Allan Eustis, Kelly Romans-Bancroft

Fish and Wildlife: Peter Whyte (Chair), Allan Eustis, Chip Kittredge, Andrew Healy

Municipal Issues: Allan Eustis (Chair), Brit Hyde, Mark Alchuk

Planning: Paul Tamburro (Chair), Brit Hyde, Amelia Brooker, Tim Richardson, Will Goodman

Seasonal Operations / Protection of Property: Margaret Langfitt (Chair), Paul Tamburro

Water Quality / Waste / Natural Resources: Chip Kittredge (Chair), Tim Richardson, Murray Richardson, Andrew Healy


President: Brit Hyde

1st Vice-President: Amelia Brooker

2nd Vice-President: Peter Whyte

Treasurer: Andrew Zyp


Administrative Coordinator: Linda Bangay

Summer Operations Manager: Amelia Brooker

Temagami Times Editor: Linda Bangay

CALA Liaison: Peter Healy

Local Citizens’ Committee (forestry): Andrew Healy, Jim Hasler

Temagami Crown Land Recreation Facility Maintenance Partnership (MNRF): Andrew Healy

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs Liaison: Andrew Healy

TFN and TAA Liaisons: Andrew Healy, Tim Richardson

Watershed Advisory Group Member: Peter Healy