Reported Break-ins on Lake Temagami

Temagami Councillor Dan O’Mara has received a report from the OPP that there were 4 break-ins recently, 1 on Oct. 9th and 3 on Oct. 11.  These are the reported ones and there may be others that have not yet been discovered . It was noted that they have possible leads on the break-ins and that they are being followed up on. They are also monitoring the landing and access road.

The break-ins appear to be occurring after midnight and people on the Lake are being asked to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity and if they see any this should be reported.  Again it is important to have Cottage/Household items marked and even pictures recorded somewhere making it a deterrent to steal or at least making it easier to identify things if they are recovered.  Again the Lake Watch program promotes the use of the Trace Pen!  Further updates will be provided as they become available!

Everyone is reminded that the TLA offers the maximum reward possible through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.