Property Patrols October 2015 (with assistance from others)

The geese have flown over weeks ago and the loons are leaving daily as are the remaining summer residents.

It is fall again on Lake Temagami as illustrated by the deciduous reds and yellows that turn our shorelines into a montage of brilliance.  It is cold, early mornings close to zero, and often wet as cloudy skies dominate this month.

This is a special time of year to travel checking cottages.  There are days that I see no one, not even a boat tied to a dock.  If you like the quiet and like to be alone this is the time of year for you.

On Oct. 14 however this special place woke me up to reality.  I had just visited Island 950, at the far end of the South Arm.  Surprisingly Mike Bloomfield was there for what he described as his latest visit ever.  We chatted a bit and I left only to have an issue with my motor a minute later.  I limped back to his dock and checked the obvious things one does at this time.  Finding no obvious cause and after assuring Mike I had a radio with me I began to limp home very slowly but after 15 minutes the motor died completely.  An electric motor I carry could not push me against the strengthening winds so I called Mike on the portable VHF as asked him to call Gerry Kluwak, whom I had seen earlier in the day and whose dock I  could see about a kilometer from where I was.  Gerry towed me to his dock a trip that took about 30 minutes.

Good fortune finally appeared as Ivan Beauchamp was there doing some work for Gerry and had his barge tied to the dock.  All that I could do then was wait until the work day was over, tie my boat to the barge and hitch a ride to the landing   Ivan was kind enough to drop me at my Island then take my boat to Boatline Bay where he leaves his barge.  The next morning I towed my boat to Manitou Landing, loaded it onto a boat trailer, and took it to Temagami Marine.  Once again help was at hand as they immediately went to work for me and identified the problem.  Parts were ordered and I will be on the water an hour after they arrive.

Property checks will continue soon thanks to help of everyone mentioned.  Thanks again Mike, Gerry, Ivan and  Kim and Jim Krech at Temagami Marine.

Courtesy of Peter Healy.