Ontario Provincial Police News Portal OPP Media Release TEMISKAMING COTTAGE SAFETY AND CRIME PREVENTION 2017-01-25
FROM/DE: Temiskaming Detachment DATE: January 25, 2017


(CITY OF TEMISKAMING SHORES, ON) – One of the biggest areas of concern in the Municipality of Temagami is the amount of Break and Enters that occur. During the last month, the Temiskaming Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is investigating eighteen occurrences of break and enters involving cottages and boat houses located on Lake Temagami.

The OPP would like to remind the public that cottage break and enters; damage and theft are serious concerns impacting police, cottagers, cottagers’ associations and insurance companies.

The Temiskaming and Temagami Detachment along with the Temagami Lakes Association have been and continue to work diligently with the Cottage Watch Program. A Cottage Watch Program is an initiative promoting cottage community safety and security.

These investigations are ongoing and police are requesting assistance from the public. All suspicious matters need to be reported and try to obtain as much information as a possible. This includes physical descriptions, clothing descriptions, vehicle descriptions (licence plate), island numbers and the area where they were last seen. Note the direction that the suspects are heading.

Thieves like to target the easy to carry items so that it doesn’t hinder their movement. One easy way to help discourage theft of these items is to etch them with an identifying number such as your vehicle licence plate number. This personal Operation Identification number allows police to easily locate these items at pawn shops and criminals consider them “damaged goods” as they are harder to get rid of. In association with this, it is always a good idea to copy down a list of the serial numbers of all electronic devices, tools, generators and to keep this list in a secure area as these numbers can assist in investigations.

Other ways to help deter thieves from targeting your cottage is:

1. Install outside lighting to eliminate dark areas around doors or windows. Use motion lights with low intensity feature as an alternative to bright constant lighting. Set up security/trail cameras in/on your property especially during the off seasons or while away.
2. Deadbolts should be installed on all exterior doors and ensure that entry doors and strike plates are secured with at least 2 ½ inch long screws.
3. Take steps to reinforce any windows next to doors. This can be improved by adding a polycarbonate panel.
4. If you have a sliding door, place screws in the upper track to prevent them from being lifted out and ensure that you have a stick or security bar along the bottom track to prevent the door from sliding. The stick and security bar can also be used for sliding windows.
5. Do not leave any valuables in the cottage or boathouse when you are away. Lock these items away in a safety security box.
6. Boathouses are accessible on the lakeside. By simply adding metal fencing between the lake and the entry door may deter culprits from gaining access.
7. Make arrangements with local residents/cottage owners to watch over your property and possibly shovel the walkway/entrance to give the appearance that someone is around.

These are just a few of the many suggestions in helping preventing crime and keeping your property (seasonal or full time) safe. Remember to assure your safety at all times. Contact police immediately and do not tamper with the crime scene as valuable evidence can be lost.

For more information please contact your local detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122. For more home security information, visit


Constable Renée Taylor
Community Safety Officer
Temiskaming Ontario Provincial Police
Phone: (705) 647-8400
Twitter: @OPP_NER or @PPO_Nordest