OPG Update from Dan O’Mara

Mayor Dan passes on a recent  email with notification of a  3/30 Town Hall  from Ontario Power Generation. (The meeting is today Monday March 30th):

Good afternoon Mayor Dan,

I wanted to give you a heads up about a Telephone Town Hall OPG will be running on Monday, March 30 for residents around the Sturgeon, South & Wanapitei River systems (ad attached). This will be an opportunity for residents to call in and ask questions around freshet, water management, operations, etc. Residents have been notified of this via media ads and automated calls, however wanted to provide you with a link in the event you would like to listen live to the call.

Link to listen live is: https://video.teleforumonline.com/video/streaming.php?client=14208

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions.  I hope you are keeping healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

Kate Cantin

Stakeholder Relations Advisor |  Northeast Operations
Ontario Power Generation
(705) 267-7033 ext. 3707  |  705-266-5319  | kate.cantin@opg.com