Municipality of Temagami – 2021 Budget Comments Requested

A year ago, we were just at the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic. As much as the response to the pandemic has altered your everyday life, it has also altered municipal operations. During 2020, we had unexpected items added to our operations, such as Community Control Group meetings and alteration and supplies for increased personal protection. We also had items removed through the restrictions placed on our operations (e.g., not opening the arena in the fall, no community festivals). Even with the services that continued, our processes were altered as we too responded to the pandemic. Presently, the vaccination process is ramping up and it is expected that by Labour Day things will start returning to normal.

During this time, Council also engaged consultants to complete a Service Delivery Review and a Waste Management Master Plan. These processes resulted several recommendations for further studies, discussions, and consultation. The second phase has started and we are expecting to have information on which Council can make their decisions in the fall of 2021.

All of this is to provide a bit of an understanding of considerations that were at the forefront as the 2021 budget was being worked on. While our rate of inflation is a little less stable depending on which sectors are open or closed, and our operations are still affected by pandemic restrictions, a stable budget was the premise this year as we wait for normalcy to return in the fall. A 1% increase in the tax levy was included in this year’s budget process. Council did receive a draft budget on March 10, 2021 and asked Staff to request public comments that can be considered prior to Council considering the tax rate and user charge by-laws which, in essence, approve the budget. To facilitate this, please send your comments through or through mail/drop box by March 31st. Here is a condensed version of the budget that was received by Council: Municipality of Temagami – 2021 Budget Comments

The complete presentation can be found at or’S%20NEW/DRAFT%202021%20Budget.pdf