Municipal News



Effective December 31, 2014, the recycling depots in downtown Temagami and in Temagami North will no longer be open. The Cochrane-Timiskaming Waste Management Board will empty the bins for the last time on that date and then the Municipal Curbside collection will begin. The first scheduled pick up is scheduled for

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 and will continue on a bi-weekly schedule from that point on. Recycling bins have been ordered and will be delivered to affected residents before the first scheduled pick up date. A list of recyclable items and any instructions will be provided with the recycling bin.

The Marten River Community and the depot located at the end of the Lake Temagami Access Road will continue as usual but the urban area will now receive curbside recycling effective in January 2015. The area to receive curbside recycling will be the area currently receiving garbage pick up.The Municipality continues to investigate options related to residents located in rural areas and at the east end of Lake Temagami who would normally have used the bins located in Downtown Temagami or in Temagami North. If you are a resident located in an area outside of the normal garbage pick area and would have previously used the recycling depots in downtown Temagami or Temagami North, please notify the Municipality by emailing or by calling 705-569-3272.



The Regular Council meeting scheduled for 6:30 pm January 8, 2015 has been moved to January 15, 2015 due to the Christmas Holidays. A Special meeting will be held on January 8, 2015 to receive a presentation from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The second Regular Council meeting is scheduled to be held on January 29, 2015. Anyone with questions regarding items on the agenda can contact the Municipal office at 705-569-3421 or by email at or can stop by in person at the Welcome Centre. Anyone who would like to bring up a concern related to an item on the agenda can contact a member of Council directly.



The Municipality will be reviewing its committee structure over the next few months. Members of the public can still apply to be on a committee. Interested persons can forward a letter of interest or can complete an application. Applications are available at the Municipal Office or on the Municipal Website under “Forms”.