Lake Level Update from Dan O’ Mara

Mayor O’Mara sent out the following update this morning 2/18/20 including an email from Ontario Power Generation (OPG):

“I have been getting some questions about predictions re Spring runoff…  I was at a meeting last week where MNRF Forest Fire Representatives were present and they indicated that snow levels are what they were last year around this time however they did note last year we did receive a lot of snow in Feb/March/April.  They also noted they have some predictions pointing to an earlier spring…  Also today I received an email from OPG.”

Good morning Mayor O’Mara,

The draw down of Lake Temagami is on well schedule when compared to historical practices; our intent is to continue to draw the lake another foot or so, to near the normal operating minimum in preparation for the spring freshet.  The graph showing the lake level can be found on  by searching for the river system data tab. For the Sturgeon River, the direct link is: – scroll down to find Lake Temagami information. Snow surveys indicate that there is significant snow in the bush for this time of year and with the exception of a brief warmup period next week, conditions are expected to remain snowy and cold for some time. We will continue to monitor and advise as conditions change. Let us know if you have any more questions and we will do our best to answer them.

“In early March I will be attending a meeting of the Sturgeon-Nipissing French Water System Group in North Bay.  This groups meets regularly in the Spring and provides feedback into how this unit gets managed during the spring runoff.  Last year they were meeting almost daily during the critical time..  I will also send out an update after this meeting or if I get further information before….  Dan O”