Forestry, Fish, and Wildlife

Mission Statement

Our mission statement as the TLA Forestry, Fish, and Wildlife Committee is to work towards the enhancement of the fish and wildlife resources on Lake Temagami.

We do support catch-and-release fishing in the Municipality of Temagami. Barbless hooks facilitate the release of fish and are recommended. Remember, when you release the prime spawners, the lake trout and the pickerel age 7 yrs. and 4 lbs., you are releasing a lake trout that will spawn approx.1500 eggs per pound of fish and a pickerel that will spawn approx. 40,000 eggs per pound of fish. By releasing a trophy fish you are allowing a prime spawner to propagate and enhance the fishery. The older fish are not good eating and a fiberglass reproduction will look better longer than a real skin mount.

A fiberglass reproduction can be made from a trophy fish provided you have the length and girth measurements and a picture of the fish. Reproduction prices are comparable to skin mounts.

Forestry, Fish, and Wildlife:

Note: Lake Temagami and surrounding lakes are in Zone 11


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