Cottager Drinking Water Initiative

H2OA new program for testing your drinking water is in progress for TLA members on the lake. For a nominal fee that includes processing and transport, the summer students will collect water from your water intake or tap (or both) to be analyzed by the Near North Labs in North Bay. These samples will be completed this July, and are expected to be useful to cottagers who would like to know about the bacterial content of the water in their local system. The testing conducted will be for coliform and E. coli contamination, which normally result only in cases of fecal contamination. The results of these tests will be sent directly from the lab to an address of the cottager’s choosing, and will hopefully ensure clean water is being used by all on the lake. The Water Testing Sign Up Sheet is attached and is also available at the TLA headquarters for all interested members, so feel free to stop by and learn more about our program.