Mayor’s Update April 15, 2019

Mayor Dan O’Mara forwards the following message along with his most recent Temagami Town Council update. A link to the April update follows his request.

“Until the Town has a comprehensive email network I will use my email listing to send out  updates.  To start development of a Town email system, should you desire to participate,  we ask you to send your email contact  information to  If you know someone not receiving this email please send it along to them.  Thanks

Mayor’s Municipal Update April 2019

2019 Canadian Wildfire Information System

Despite the snow cover, April begins the early fire season in Canada, beginning in the western provinces. Natural Resources Canada has enhanced fire weather information for the public on the internet.  The Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (CWFIS)  will create  daily fire weather and fire behavior maps year-round & hot spot maps throughout the forest fire season, generally between May and September.  An interactive GPS based  CWFIS map covers all of Canada and can resolve down to a specific provincial region. By toggling <overlays>, a user can choose to display daily fire danger, active fires, fire weather perimeter estimates, M3 hot spots and fire history. Comprehensive  background on the CWFIS including additional links to fire weather forecasts is accessible online here.

Monthly Sunrise-Sunset Tables for Temagami

Printable  current monthly Sunrise-Sunset Tables will now be posted to the TLA web page. The April 2019 table is accessible here. Temagami  gains over three minutes of daylight each day in April- the largest monthly gain of the year. A comprehensive daily solar & lunar  ephemeris including times  for local solar noon and twilight  is available through the link below.

Sunrise/Sunset & Moonrise/Moonset Times for Temagami Island