Careful on the lake

Many thanks to Jim Dow for sending the following information regarding missing channel markers. Today (Friday) we also experienced the missing one in the north east arm.

“On my first journey up the lake on Thursday I found two markers out of place:

  1. In the channel south of Bear Island from the dock where the TFN boats park, going towards Ket Chun Eny, there are currently 2 red markers off the point of island 1007.

One belongs on that point, but the other marker should be about a half mile south west.  Thus there is an unmarked shoal in the main channel.

  1. East of Axe Narrows / Island 79 heading towards the town of Temagami , there is normally a large red marker with a light on top. It is missing.

Both of these are dangerous shoals and are in main channels, plus the water a little lower than normal for this time of year may add to the danger.

Please let our membership know.


Jim Dow