Opportunities to Volunteer

Opportunities to Volunteer

Many of us are looking for opportunities to help one another succeed.  Volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to building a positive and healthy community.  In the PDF document below, you will see a preliminary list of volunteering opportunities. The PDF document will be updated regularly as more organizations and associations identify their needs.

Please take a look and if you have any questions (as there is still a lot of information to add), please don’t hesitate to contact me: amiebrooker@hotmail.com


Amelia Brooker

Opportunities to Volunteer

Environment Canada 2018 Summer Seasonal Forecast

Over June, July and August, Temagami region is forecast to have near or slightly above the 40 year average precipitation

Over June, July and August, Temagami region is forecast to have above average temperatures .

Environment Canada is now issuing both deterministic and probabilistic forecasts for all the Provinces. The link to the main season forecasting URL is below.

Safe Driving Reminder

Peter Healy shares a safe driving reminder from TLA member Steve Mitchell for those using the Mine Road in “bug” season.

“2 moose in the bog next to the road after creek put-in coming from hwy. Maybe send out a reminder for TLAers (and anyone using the road) to drive slow?”