Lake Temagami Freeze Up 2019

Freeze up is a ways off. There is only shore ice visible on Lake Nipissing  from the  11/13 NASA MODIS afternoon satellite Infrared pass. The radiometer heat sensor does not pick up thin ice. Thus water and first ice appear  dark blue.  This is the case over most of the deeper lakes in the region. Clouds, snow and ice appear as light turquoise.

Will update the ice conditions as the weather permits viewing by the two  NASA polar orbiting satellites.

MODIS Aqua Infrared Image 11/13

Mayor O’Mara’s Fall 2019 Update Letter

Dan O’Mara sends the following update:

Hope everyone is settling into the Fall Period… I would imagine most of you have closed up their places on Lake Temagami… Not too much to report but we are asking People who are on the Lake to continue to monitor their Areas as this is a period of time we have had issues… Hopfully things are changing and we can have a crime free Fall….

I will be starting some of the TLA checks soon and when out there will do some checks around some of your places. If there is anything specific let me know…

We are receiving a lot of negative feedback about the location of the Lake Watch Sign we installed on Forestry Island across from the Town docks to cover off travel from the Town Access. We had difficulty finding a good location and we will now will have to discuss a new location for it at the next Police Board meeting… The sign program is an important part of the Lake Watch Program! All other access points have signage installed… The numbers of break-ins on the Lake are down and some credit is given to this part of the Program… we will be looking for suggestions as to a better location so I hope people understand and give us some time to deal with the issue…