About TLA

What we do-cover imageThe Temagami Lakes Association was founded in 1931 by a group of concerned cottage owners interested in environmental quality and the future of the Lake.

After more than 80 years, the TLA has more than 600 members, most of whom are cottage owners from all corners of the Lake, as well as numerous commercial members and non property owners who support the mission of the organization.


The TLA provides many important services to members, such as a property patrol service and a radio service linking members to one another with the ability to rally the entire community in case of emergency i.e. fire. The TLA provides many other communication opportunities through its headquarters building located at the Hub of the lake (e.g., email access, fax, and telephone, and mail delivery), an annual Directory of Members and the Temagami Times newspaper published three times a year and mailed to all land owners in the Municipality of Temagami.

Policy and Planning:

More than a provider of important services the TLA plays an invaluable policy and planning role, ensuring the environmental and aesthetic protection of the Temagami Experience. Through various planning and zoning activities, the TLA was responsible for development of the Tenets for Temagami, available on this site, that ensure the preservation of the Skyline Reserve, and limits future road access and mainland development. Through the involvement of the TLA, the Tenets for Temagami were incorporated into The Municipality of Temagami’s Official Plan, and are also reflected in its zoning by-laws.

Environmental Concerns:

As the largest representative group of property owners and others, the TLA communicates regularly with the Ministry of Natural Resources about fish, wildlife, and other natural resources of importance to the Lake. It articulates concerns to the Ministry of the Environment and Ontario Power about lake water levels that are controlled by the dam at Cross Lake. The TLA regularly communicates with and represents the interests of cottage owners to the municipal government, especially in matters of planning, zoning, the Temagami Access road, and taxation.


More than simply a stakeholder group engaged in the discussion, the TLA believes that actions also speak louder than words. The TLA in 2010 initiated and invested in a lake-wide water quality monitoring program to regularly sample water and compare results over time. The TLA has a campsite monitoring program designed to report on campsite conditions and clean up garbage.   For the past two seasons the TLA has offered its members a drinking water testing program whereby water samples are taken from kitchen taps and delivered to a lab in North Bay for analysis.  Water testing kits and environmentally friendly soap products are also available for sale from the TLA’s headquarters.

Social Events:

The TLA also provides several fun social gathering opportunities on the Lake, such as the Special Event/ corn roast, and Annual General Meeting. The TLA supports local initiatives like the Temagami Area Fish Improvement Program and the restoration of the historic Train Station. The TLA periodically re-publishes navigational maps of the Lake available elsewhere on this site. In many ways, the TLA serves as the voice, eyes, and ears of cottage owners and others who value the Temagami Experience. An investment in a TLA membership is like purchasing an insurance policy that protects the Lake. The TLA welcomes members of all kinds – property owners and others. Click here to join.