5/22 Lake Temagami Water Level Update

The following email update from Mayor O’Mara :
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 12:02 PM

Subject: Lake Temagami Water level update

Councilor Dwyer and I have been invited to sit in on meetings dealing with the Area’s Water Management.  We have attended four meetings now and will continue attending until the water issues gets resolved.  The issue for us is our water levels are about 1 foot higher than normal at this time of year and a lot has to do with the excessive runoff we are experiencing due to the winter and now the excessive rainfall we have been experiencing. The capacity within the Watershed to handle this surge is limited without effecting things downstream. The water levels on Nipissing are already affecting their sewer treatment facility and causing major flooding.  On the French river flooding is an issue as well and a number of marinas and businesses have been forced to close.  The OPG and MNRF are working within their high-water level limits set for our area.  We are still about 2 inches below the high level allowed in these situations. The Lake level on Saturday was 294.14, rose to 294.17 on Sunday, 294.19 on Tuesday and now 294.19 today.  Normal operating level for the lake at this time of year is about 293.90. Dam output has been around 65 to 66 cms. Yesterday a log was pulled from the Cross Lake Dam to ensure Cross Lake levels did not restricts flow from Lake Temagami. Hopefully we will see some difference soon as the 33mm of rain on Sunday did not help… at these meetings we have been setting out our concerns and have pressed that we do not want to see the Lake rise much more…  There seems to be some agreement to this and hopefully as things get better downstream, we will see things slowly go down.  Members attending this meeting are trying to come up with a plan that will be a reasonable approach as possible.  I have asked someone from OPG to attend the Council Meeting this Thursday May 23rd.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted.

Dan O’Mara