4/6/21 Lake Break Up Report

From Peter Healy on Garden Island:

“Today is quarantine/break up day #6 on Garden Island.  We anticipate a high of 10C  (50F) today with possible showers later this afternoon. Warmer temperatures have seemingly put an end to the ‘booming’ ice sounds that the colder night temperatures were causing resulting in a somewhat eerie silence when there is little or no wind and no travelers on the lake. I am not alone however. Winter birds are still with us as the chickadees have found the sunflower seeds at the feeder.
     The Canadian dock flag is flying once again.  The attached photo looks towards Witches point and the North Arm.   I wonder if we will see any American flags below the red maple leaf this summer.  I certainly don’t recall seeing any in 2020.  Our neighbours from south of the border are sorely missed.”