4/6/20 Sturgeon River watershed update

Katherine Cantin of Ontario Power Generation sends the following:
Good afternoon,
This email will serve as an update for the Sturgeon River watershed. Please share with other municipal officials and residents as required. 
  Drawdown has been completed on reservoirs within the Sturgeon River system. Where possible, and where data indicated a potential for higher inflows, reservoirs were drawn below median. Inflows have started to increase with some rain and warm weather and are expected to continue increasing with warmer weather contributing to snow melt across the watershed. The most recent snow data (stations at Red Cedar Lake, Shining Tree, and Skead) indicates snow depth between 48-64 cm, with water content ranging from 124-170 mm. These snow values indicate 98-106% of normal for this time of year. While we cannot rule out a strong freshet, the short-term weather forecasts have been encouraging and are conducive to a slow melt.
  We recognize that we are working in an unprecedented time, with many people across our communities currently working from home as we try and flatten the COVID-19 curve. Our staff continues to be available to perform log operations and respond to the changing levels and flows. We remain committed to continuing to provide information to our partners, stakeholders and right holders through the next several weeks as freshet progresses.
  Please note that level and flow information for the Sturgeon River system is now available daily, Monday-Friday, during freshet, at www.opg.com/river. It is an excellent source to track daily information through freshet, and we recommend you share this link with any residents or members who may be interested in the information.

Please do not hesitate to call my cell phone at 705-266-5319 with any questions.
Hope you are all staying safe and healthy,

Kate Cantin
Stakeholder Relations Advisor |  Northeast Operations