4/5 Lake Break Up Report

From Peter Healy:
It’s a beautiful sunny day 5 of my quarantine/break up time here on Garden Island. We are expecting a high of 11C (55F) today indicating the winter is now over here on Lake Temagami.  As many others have posted warnings about pressure cracks and ice conditions today I want to comment on the low water levels.

As my photos illustrate the lake level is very low – much lower than I remember over the years wintering here.  OPG, Ontario Power Generation, always lowers the lake level by opening the Cross Lake Dam in mid winter to allow room to accommodate snow melt in the spring.  Accordingly the dam is closed when the summer water level ranges is reached.  The summer range in metres above sea level is 293.4 – 294m.  At this time water levels are far below 293.4 (293.22 actually) and recent reports in the North Bay area indicate the snow levels in the bush at this time to be only 12% of normal.  What this says to me is that unless we receive a lot of rain over the next two months we can look forward to low water levels all summer.  My floating dock, now grounded in the sand, may not float this year.  I called a friend and advised that his property taxes may go up as his lot is much larger this year due to low water (just kidding of course).  At this time we can almost walk around our entire island on the shore as opposed to on the ice.

Moore's Beach

Moore’s Beach

Dry Dock