Committee Structure, chairs and members, 2015-2016


Peter Whyte, Biff Lowery, Tom Lee, Claire Rannie, Kelly Romans-Bancroft


Gerry Kluwak, Kelly Romans Bancroft, Will Goodman


Will Goodman, Gerry Kluwak, Andrew Zyp

Communications: (TLA publications, website, local PR outreach)

Kelly Bancroft-Romans, , Peter Healy, Will Goodman, Peter Whyte, Allan Eustis, Chip Kittredge


Tim Richardson, , Gerry Kluwak, Peter Healy


Andrew Zyp, Peter Healy, Gerry Kluwak, Peter Calverley

Fish and Wildlife:

Justin Metz , Peter Calverley, Gerry Kluwak

Membership and Events:

Peter Calverley, Peter Healy, Gerry Kluwak, Kelly Romans-Bancroft, Allan Eustis

Natural Resources: (forestry, mining, campsites and trails)

Gerry Kluwak, Jim Hasler, Peter Calverley, Justin Metz


Gerry Kluwak, Claire Rannie, Jim Hasler, Andrew Healy, Andrew Zyp

Protection of Persons and Property:

Will Goodman, Peter Healy, Peter White

Taxes and Municipal Issues:

Tim Richardson, Peter Healy, Will Goodman, Andrew Zyp

Water Quality, Waste Disposal:

Gerry Kluwak, Claire Rannie, Jim Hasler, Andrew Healy, Andrew Zyp

TLA Seasonal Operations and Services:

Gerry Kluwak, Andrew Healy, Tim Richardson, Andrew Zyp, Justin Metz

Appointed Officers

Executive Secretary Peter Healy

Times Editor Linda Bangay

CALA Liaison Peter Healy

Local Citizens’ committee (forestry) Andrew Healy, Jim Hasler

MNR, Temagami Crown Land Recreation Facility Maintenance Partnership Andrew Healy, Ont. Ministry Aboriginal Affairs Andrew Healy

TFN, TAA Andrew Healy, Tim Richardson

Watershed Advisory Peter Healy

TLA Board Officers

President Gerry Kluwak

1st Vice President Will Goodman

2nd Vice President Kelly Romans Bancroft

Treasurer Andrew Zyp